Corrugated cartons are used in every segment of life from packaging of product to its transportation anywhere in the world. They are constructed using wide variety of materials to attain numerous benefits, such as:

  • Customization with varied shaped, sizes, thickness, treatments, coatings, adhesives and printing
  • Protection against moisture during long-distance transportation, shipping handling and storage
  • Cost-effectiveness with sustainable packaging, durability and recyclability

Artotec Pvt Ltd has the facility to manufacture offset laminated printed cartons which are heavy duty in nature, good for marketing, branding, presentation and display purpose. Moreover, with KBA series of offset printing press, the box printing area can be as big as l050mm* l450mm.

Artotec also has capacity to cater to the customer needs of flexographic printed corrugated shipping boxes. A carton is usually made up of three layers of paper – top sheet, bottom sheet and arched paper known as ‘fluting’ which runs in between. Further layers can be added to make 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply container to increase its strength. It can be produced with any combination of A/ B/ C/ D/E flutes and in different thickness up to 11mm.

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