F-Flute is the newest thickness of corrugated cardboard and can be used to produce a fancy rigid box while still providing a smooth surface for printing. It is used to create protective packaging of product while maintaining the beauty of the product.

F-Flute means FINE FLUTE. It is also known as Miniature Flute. Artotec private Limited proudly introduces this latest technology in Pakistan for the first time. It provides better finishing to the product which is much better than locally produced flutes.

F-Flute makes corrugated board strong and rigid. It makes the box able to support a great deal of weight. The flutes serve as a protector, insulator and cushion device. It gives flexibility to protect the product while enhancing the compressive strength of the box and minimizing total thickness of the board. After finishing and formation of the product, the flute lines are near to invisible.

Comparison to E-Flute

In comparison to E-Flute, F-Flute has more number of flutes with lesser height. As a result, the bursting strength of the product is better and the BCT( Box Compression Test) is much higher while the weight is almost same. Ultimately, it increases the shelf life of the product.

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