Packaging involves far more than just manufacturing a product and it is everything surrounding this that we see as service. It encompasses supporting our customers at every stage of development, production and logistics of our product.

It also includes a partnership in considering how our product will perform in protection, handling and storage, logistics and on-shelf presentation. All these technical aspects are considered when developing our packaging solutions.

Offset & Corrugation recognize the importance of providing customers with a comprehensive framework of support throughout the production process- WE ARE HERE WITH YOU FROM START TO FINISH.


We are Artotec Pvt Ltd.

  • Give highest priority to satisfy customer printing and packaging requirements.
  • Endeavor to establish and maintain systems and process flows that are flexible in their allowance for emergency orders and provision of service at short notice.
  • Strive to meet or exceed customer expectations through top quality output and timely delivery of orders.
  • Train our employees according to ascertain the reliable delivery of defect-free product to all customers.
  • Set specific measurable targets and maintain a system to record our performance against these targets.
  • Maintain a system of proactively seeking and tracking customers feedback sharing it with the employees and the management regularly and continuously improve by taking prompt necessary corrective actions.
  • Regularly follow up with customers and update them with order status and latest developments.

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