Artotec Pvt Ltd has the facility of well-maintained inspection laboratory which are used for the inspection of row material and plays an active role in regulating operations in line with customers’ expectations and ensuring consistent good quality supplies.

Our laboratory is equipped with the following high quality instruments:

  • GSM Tester
  • Thickness Guage
  • Eye Glass- Color
  • Ph/Conductivity/ TDS Meter
  • Glass Meter
  • Alcohol Tester
  • Moisture Meter
  • Spechtro-Densitometer
  • Compressive Strength Tester
  • RCT(Paper & Board)
  • ECT (Board)
    • PAT( Corrugated Board)
    • FCT( Corrugated Board)
    • CMT( Paper)
    • CCT( Paper)
  • Bursting Strength Tester
  • Box Compression Tester

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